• November 2, 2021

California’s Fidelity: How it’s changing the landscape for the future of retirement

California is home to some of the country’s biggest retirement equipment stores.

Some of those are stocked with products designed to help people retire more efficiently, while others cater to the most technologically savvy.

In fact, many of the largest retailers are stocked full of technology-related products and services, according to data from financial data firm Fidelity.

The Fidelity survey found that over half of the state’s retail customers live in a city with a Fidelity store.

And just as it did in 2016, there are plenty of products geared toward the most tech-savvy consumers.

Here are some of our favorite products: Apple Pay, Google Glass, and more: Fidelity surveyed over 1,200 retail employees in California in January and February 2018.

The company surveyed about 1,100 retail employees with access to the same data and found that nearly half of California employees said they were interested in purchasing some type of technology, or would be interested in a tech-related service, such as Apple Pay.

There were a few major trends in the survey.

Most respondents indicated that they were very interested in tech-specific services, and most were excited to purchase more tech-centric products.

One in five respondents said they would be more likely to purchase an Apple Pay app if it included support for their Glass or Google Glass.

And the most frequently requested tech-based product was Google Glass and its companion app.

While many companies have already begun offering support for Glass, there were a number of other tech-focused products on the shelves of the Fidelity retail stores.

Here’s what you need to know about them: Apple Watch: Apple has been pushing into wearable computing for years, and the company is still one of the biggest names in wearable tech.

But this year, the company launched a smartwatch for people to use to track their daily activities.

The watch, the Apple Watch Sport, comes with a built-in GPS, heart rate sensor, and GPS receiver.

The device is compatible with the Apple Health app, and it has a variety of different functions for the consumer to customize.

While there’s no official pricing, Fidelity says the Apple watch will cost $349, and there will be two models.

The Sport models are $379, and they’ll be available at the end of the year.

The Apple Watch Pro is $799, and will be available sometime in 2019.

Google Glass: In 2018, Google announced the Glass Explorer, a headset that allows users to view their Glasses at any time.

The Explorer will cost the consumer $599, and its price tag will drop to $379 by the end, according a recent article by Mashable.

The goggles can also be used as a remote for cameras and other applications.

Google also announced the Google Glass App for Android Wear, which will let users access Glasses on their smartphones.

The Google Glass Pro and the Google Lens glasses will also come to Android Wear later this year.

Fidelity also asked its employees to tell us which tech-oriented products they would most likely be interested to purchase.

Most people said they are most interested in buying the Apple Glass wearable, but some of them mentioned the Google Watch as a potential product as well.

They said that the Apple product has a great interface and a great camera, while the Google product has great features.

There are many other consumer products, too.

For example, many people mentioned the Apple TV and Apple TV accessories, while one respondent said the Google Home smart speaker will be their main purchase for the year ahead.

There is a lot of competition for the top tech-connected products at the FSU survey, so it’s hard to say which product will become the most popular.

However, many customers are looking to save money when it comes to their retirement, so Fidelity is not the only place where you can buy tech-themed hardware.

Here is a list of the top 10 tech-driven companies in the U.S. that offer tech-friendly products.

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