• September 29, 2021

When Walmart is not using medical equipment to treat patients, it’s buying them

As Walmart gears up to begin buying medical equipment for patients at its largest stores in the United States, it is using a lot of old equipment and products, the company’s CEO said Thursday.

“Walmart’s been doing this for quite some time.

We’re very familiar with this,” Sam Walton said in an interview with CNNMoney.

“But the thing we’ve found that works is our older medical equipment.

And when you’re buying that, you’re not looking at it as a medical equipment item.

It’s a medical device item.”

Walton said he is worried that many of the products in use are “not appropriate.”

“If they’re not approved for the patient, they’re out of our control,” he said.

The Walmart CEO has been a vocal critic of the Affordable Care Act, which he claims is a major impediment to expanding the healthcare industry.

“The Affordable Care act is an absolute disaster,” he told CNNMoney in October.

“I think they’re doing everything they can to get us to the point where we don’t have access to this.”

Last year, Walmart announced plans to buy medical equipment from two large hospitals, the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and the Cleveland Clinic.

Walmart also purchased medical devices for a group of small clinics in New York City, according to the company.

“When you look at what the [medical equipment] is for, you’ll see that we have an array of medical devices and medical equipment that we can purchase and can be used in many different situations,” Walmart CEO Sam Walton told CNN.

“And we’re going to do that, because it makes a lot more sense to use these products, and we think it’s a lot safer.”

Walmart has been criticized for buying equipment that is “unnecessary,” but it says the new equipment will help improve the quality of care.

“We’re not going to get rid of our medical devices, but we’re certainly going to use them better, and that’s part of the commitment to this program,” Walton said.

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