• August 15, 2021

How the hockey protective gear rules apply to directv equipment returns

How do you return an item to a store that has no idea what it is?

It depends on the type of equipment.

Here are the rules that apply.

Article 1.1.1What is a return?

A return is an acknowledgement or acknowledgement that the item was not purchased by a customer and was returned to the store.

This is different from a return to a manufacturer or retailer.

Article 2.1How long does it take for a return process to be completed?

Article 2:1If you were unable to retrieve your item(s), the time from the date of purchase to the time the item(es) are returned will depend on the product.

It is best to check the item details on the return form or online or call the return line on 1800 556 002.

If you did not receive a return notice or your item was lost or damaged, contact the store as soon as possible.

If you are returning an item you purchased from a retailer, such as the directv store, you will receive a notification of the return from Directv in the mail.

This notification will be in the form of a letter with the Return Receipts tab.

You must call Directv to obtain a Return Receivers Form (if applicable) or email to the Return Coordinators, Attorneys General and the Retailers Office at 1800 557 002 for further information.

If the retailer is unable to contact you, the retailer will not be required to provide a Return Recorder or a Return Information Sheet.

The retailer will also not be responsible for any costs related to the return.

The return can take up to three business days to complete.

Once the item is returned, the manufacturer will contact you to determine if the item can be used in a future production.

If not, the product will need to be returned to you for a full refund.

You can check your item at the store where you purchased the product and have the item returned.

Article 3.1Where can I get a Return Coordinator?

A Return Coordinator is a person who is assigned by the retailer to assist with a return and will also contact the Return Coordinator in your local Directv store to provide more details on a return.

A Return Coordinaiton will work closely with the retailer and/or the manufacturer to identify the problem and resolve it as quickly as possible, ensuring that the return process is as efficient as possible for the customer.

If the retailer does not provide a return coordinator, the Return Coordinator will contact the retailer’s Return Coordinator to determine whether the Return Program is in place and to provide additional information.

If a Return Coordinator cannot locate the problem or the Return Product cannot be used, the return will be considered as unsatisfactory and a refund will be given.

If there are questions about a return, contact your local Return Coordinator for assistance.

Article 4.1If I have a problem, how do I report it?

You may also report a problem by calling 1800 559 002 or emailing the Return Information Section at 1800557.

To report a return or other technical issue, contact our Customer Service Centre on 1800 662 099.

For additional information on the Return Policy, see:How to Contact the Return Section

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