• August 11, 2021

Which sport is the cheapest to get a job in India?

With the Indian economy reeling, job seekers are struggling to find work, and job vacancies are at record highs. 

According to an analysis by the IndiaSpend website, job openings for construction workers rose by 25.4% in January from the previous month, while those for labourers and housewives fell by 3.4%. 

The report found that more than a third of India’s employment sector is in service sectors, which account for about half of all jobs. 

The employment situation in construction is particularly bleak. 

 The construction sector employs nearly 70 million workers, including over 50% in rural areas. 

With such a high unemployment rate, there are concerns that India will not be able to sustainably grow the economy. 

“The current situation in the labour market in India is such that people are reluctant to take the risk of looking for work. 

Even if the government can attract new talent from abroad, many people in India are unwilling to commit their lives to such a task,” said Amit Kapoor, a senior economist with IndiaSpend. 

Despite the fact that the economy is in recession, the government is pushing hard to create more jobs, particularly in the manufacturing sector. 

On Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a series of measures aimed at creating jobs in the sectors that will create jobs for the country’s youth, including creating a new manufacturing hub in Gujarat. 

In the past few months, IndiaSpending has also documented a spike in the number of jobs that were created in rural India over the past two years. 

These include almost 2,000 new jobs in irrigation and water conservation, over 1,300 in manufacturing, over 700 in healthcare, over 450 in construction, over 550 in construction and related services and over 1.5 million in healthcare. 

India’s job creation rate is expected to be around 5.7% in 2021-22, compared to 4.3% in 2020-21. 

Read more about jobs: Job seekers in IndiaThe Indian economy is reeling, with unemployment rates exceeding 25% in some sectors. 

Since February, when the country started the demonetisation process, the number is expected have fallen to around 3%. 

For most Indians, the economic outlook is bad. 

For example, a recent survey by IndiaStats found that nearly half of Indians surveyed said they had not given any thought to starting a new job for the next year, while almost two thirds of respondents were considering leaving their current job to get back on their feet. 

There are concerns over the safety of the Indian construction industry, as construction work is usually undertaken by government-run companies. 

Over 1.6 million workers have been laid off since the government started its policy of scrapping Rs 1,000 notes, which are used to buy gold, gold bars, jewellery and other valuables. 

However, there is a lack of clarity over the policy and uncertainty over how much it will cost to return to normalcy, with the government having not provided an estimate. 

Indian companies have also faced pressure over their ability to keep up with the influx of foreigners. 

Last month, the Indian government announced that it would cut its hiring programme by 25% over the next two years, due to an “urgent need”. 

According in the report, India’s construction sector accounts for one of the biggest sectors in the country, and over half of the jobs created in the construction sector have been created in construction related industries, which includes construction, engineering, materials and construction, IT, and electrical, telecom, telecommunications and related industries. 

To keep up, the job market has become more competitive, as companies have been hiring more people. 

But with a high number of job vacancies, the demand for labour is also on the rise, and the government wants to help the economy grow at a faster rate than it currently does. 

A growing number of Indian firms are also using digital technologies to streamline processes and deliver better service. 

Job opportunities in IndiaSpends report, which focuses on the employment in India, are available on the IndiaInfo app and IndiaGov app, both of which are available free of cost on both Google Play and iOS. 

Here is how IndiaSpind’s IndiaSpill analysis looks at IndiaSpice.com and Indiaspend.org: Indian jobs in construction: Industry Source: IndiaSpindle IndiaSpender IndiaSpyIndiaSpillIndiaSpiceIndiaSpyDataSource: Indiagov

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