• July 24, 2021

‘You’re an idiot if you think you’re safe’: How to be more dangerous in your work

New York City Police Department officers say they are learning how to better deal with their work-related fatalities, but the agency has a long way to go to get there.

A review by the department’s inspector general found the department did not make the right use of its resources and did not do enough to monitor its officers’ behavior when it comes to firearms and other equipment.

“You’re more likely to kill yourself because you’ve got a bad job,” said Detective Jason W. Schoener, who oversees the department.

Officers “are using guns for things they don’t want to use them for,” he said.

Schowrer also said the department does not track how often its officers use guns.

“We can’t say that, ‘If you’re not using it, you’re using it incorrectly,'” he said, adding that he hopes to see the department conduct more intensive, comprehensive evaluations of its policies, training and staffing.

In a recent internal review, the department acknowledged shortcomings in how it has tracked and tracked firearms and firearm related incidents, but said it would do more to ensure officers understand and abide by its policies and procedures.

Schogner said he will be consulting with the NYPD’s Criminal Intelligence Unit and the Police Department’s Office of Professional Responsibility about how it can better track the use of firearms and firearms related incidents.

The review found officers “did not identify the firearms they used and/or have a plan to use the firearms in a way that would allow them to identify or prevent a firearm related death.”

The review also found that the department failed to properly track how many of its officers were involved in firearms related accidents.

“If they were able to do this, we would not be in this situation,” Schoeder said.

The report comes amid an uptick in violent crime across the city, with the latest shooting tally in Brooklyn on Friday bringing the total number of homicides and non-negligent homicides to 16 since July.

That’s up from 14 homicides in June.

The department also recently acknowledged a number of shortcomings in its response to its own workplace violence, including a report by the city’s Human Resources department that found that its “community policing” team was too slow to respond to cases.

In September, the agency said that it had launched a new program that would “assist police in responding to workplace violence incidents.”

The program is called the “Stop the Violence Initiative.”

The department says it has been able to reduce the number of workplace-related incidents it encounters by about 90 percent since its launch in 2015.

But Schoetter said the new initiative “is not enough to prevent all the gun violence.”

“You have to get more of the community involved,” he added.

“But we don’t have a good track record of that.”

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