• July 13, 2021

Is there a need for a $3.5 billion US upgrade of an older model in the US?

Is there room for a US upgrade to a more powerful version of the Frontier X1?

The Frontier X2 is one of the most widely-used mobile cameras in the world, and the new camera, developed by OptoVision, offers a much-needed upgrade for the US.

It’s an upgrade that will allow the camera to shoot 4K video, and it’s currently available only on AT&T and T-Mobile US.

While the Frontier line was built for 4K, the Opto Vision X2 promises to be able to capture the same 4K footage at higher resolutions and with improved image quality.

In a recent article for The Next Web, Opto wrote that the new Frontier X3 will be able “record 4K at up to 1.35 million pixels per second at 1080p.”

The FrontierX3 will also have the ability to record at 4K resolutions, although Opto says that 4K will only be supported in “a handful of select” markets.

Opto also detailed the specs of the new cameras, saying the FrontierX2 and X3 “bring together the features of the X1 and X2 and deliver superior image quality.”

Opto has also said that the Frontier will be the first US camera to have its firmware updated to support HDR, which is one aspect of the technology that has gained popularity among consumers and professionals.

It also has a 5-axis sensor, which Opto claims can improve the way that images are captured.

Optus says that the Optos FrontierX1, FrontierX4, Frontier X5, and FrontierX7 all have “the most advanced technology in their class.”

The Opto X1 is available in a few countries, and Opto has a partnership with T-mobile to offer the Frontier camera to customers in the United States.

The Optos X1 has a price tag of $699, but the Optomix FrontierX5 is expected to start at $799.

The Frontier will also be available in Europe and Asia in the near future.

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