• June 18, 2021

What you need to know about the Australian Border Force (ABF) as they prepare to deploy to the country’s northern border

Posted September 01, 2018 19:08:33ABF officers will be deployed to Australia’s northernmost border on a full-time basis to help control the flow of people, drugs and money into the country from China, the country said on Thursday.

Key points:The Border Force has a long history of border policingThe ABF will begin its deployment to Australia from December 31The Border Protection Force is the Border Force’s largest operationThe Border Police and the Border Patrol are the Australian Government’s two border policing agenciesThe Border Patrol is the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s largest enforcement and detection organisationThe Federal Government announced a plan to deploy the Border Police in December and said it was to “increase its capabilities to deter illegal migration”.

Key pointsThe ABP will be responsible for a “sustainable, effective and humane border”The agency has long been a key member of the Government’s border forceThe ABM will be in charge of border control, the department saidIn a statement, the Australian Immigration Department said the ABF was “the best border force in the world”.

“The ABB has an important role in the Australian border and has been a major contributor to the border since its inception in 1921,” it said.

“The Government’s plan will ensure the ABB is capable of providing a sustainable, effective, humane border and will support our efforts to keep the flow flowing in the event of a border crisis.”

The ABD has already been deployed to the north of the country.

The ABT will be involved in patrolling the northern frontier.

“We will be deploying to the Northern Territory to assist with the security of our northern border and our Northern Territory partners will continue to use the ABT to support our Northern Territories partners on the Northern Frontier,” the ABP said.


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